Vedic Vaastu 2.0 (Vaastu Software) Personal Edition – (English + Kannada) Windows

Price:    5,900.00
(as of Mar 06,2020 06:42:48 UTC – Details)

Uniqueness-This is the only Vedic Vaastu Software that provides the choice of multiple options for grid placement, outer pada extension and direction tilt consideration in the layout
User Friendliness and Interactivity-Designing layouts and placing entities and objects by simply clicking on their icons makes it all so easy. Objects can be easily resized, rotated or moved by a right click
Fully Customizable
Vaastu Grid Method-Circumscribed, Inscribed and Actual plot area with or without pada extension
Direction Tilt Calculation
Direction Tilt Consideration-Best fit, Compressed fit and Zero tilt
Direction Indicator Compass
Classical Base-Recommendations are based on ancient scriptures and time tested Vaastu parameters
Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Religious Vaastu
Plot Shapes – It supports an extensive range of over 40 plot shapes that are widely used
Special Auspiciousness Indicator with Auto Updating for easy placement – The Auspiciousness Indicator is another unique feature of Vedic Vaastu, as it dynamically updates the auspiciousness quotient, as you move the entity or object in your quest for a vaastu compatible placement
Vaastu Assistant
Vaastu Remedies for Vaastu doshas
Wide Range of Entities-The software supports an extensive range of about 100 entities
Beautifully Designed Reports
Large Size Maps- You can select the paper size according to your requirement and supported by the printer
Multiple Floor Manager
Handy Tool Tips
Choice of Different Measurement Units
Suitable for Amateurs and Professionals
Classical text – There is a detailed chapter on classical vaastu history along with colorful graphical representation of Ekasheetipada deities and Rekha Devis
Muhurta Guidance and Detailed instructions for Grahapravesh puja

Contains a Hardware Dongle for additional security
Operating Software – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
Required RAM- 1GB RAM, Required Hard Disk- 200MB free disk space
Lifetime customer support through mail, phone and Teamviewer

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