Uniglass 200 ml Grande Desert Glass -Set of 6 Pieces

Price: ₹ 593.00
(as of Mar 13,2020 07:14:57 UTC – Details)

These ice cream cups have an elegant shape and smooth rims all along. Beautiful glass and the smooth rims are the reasons that completely enhance the taste of our desert. Dishwasher safe,freezer and refrigation safe.Elegant modern designs made by professionals in bulgaria tempered or toughened glassware for maximum safety of food service professionals as well as for the resistance and durability.Suitable for serving soup,snacks,fruits,desserts,storing food items.

Dimension:-HxD-5.8X8.2Cm/Weight:-169gram Brown Box Packing
Highly trusted and recommended for all food service industry, Food grade, safe for all purses
Durable glassware, Dishwasher safe Food grade, safe for all purses Dishwasher safe

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