Scotch Titanium Kitchen Scissor (Red)

Price: ₹ 1,599.00 - ₹ 849.00
(as of Mar 15,2020 01:09:41 UTC – Details)

Do you often feel like your regular pair of stainless steel scissors are just not up for kitchen duty? Do you find yourself wondering if your scissors are strong enough to cut through the tough stuff in the everyday kitchen? Do you struggle with cleaning your scissors after a particularly messy session of dinner preparation? Are you afraid that your scissors may rust and cause serious health problems for your loved ones? Not any more – Scotch has launched its range of high performance titanium kitchen scissors now in India and your cutting experience is about to be revolutionized. Scotch titanium kitchen scissor with detachable blades comes with oil repelling detachable blades for easy cleaning, with superior sharpness, corrosion resistance and reduced bacteria breeding. Features and benefits – superior quality titanium coated blades. It comes with blades treated using 3M’s titanium coating process to enhance the ability of the material. The titanium coated blade is 4X stronger than stainless steel, enabling the scissors to cut through meats like chicken and even through soft bones with ease while retaining its sharpness for longer. It comes with detachable blade which helps in easy and thorough cleaning of the blades. It comes with High corrosion resistant blades that repel oil and hard water stains, preventing bacteria build-up, rust-formation and requires only a simple clean–up after use. This makes the blades Non-stick and prevent sticky build up on blades. It comes with Soft streamlined handles to help relieve stress on fingers, providing a more comfortable grip.

Item Dimension: 300mm x 135mm x 25mm
Package Contents: 1-Piece Kitchen Scissor with Detachable Blades
No warranty
4 times stronger that stainless steel
Can easily cut through meats like chicken and even through soft bones
Superior sharpness and rust resistant

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