SAUM Dishwashing Latex-Free Heat Resistant Scrubber Silicone Reusable Gloves (Multicolour, 32 x 15.5 x 4H cm)

Price: ₹ 599.00 - ₹ 199.00
(as of Mar 18,2020 05:42:52 UTC – Details)

Brand : SAUM Sold By : SAUM Product Name : Dishwashing Gloves with Wash Scrubber Silicone Gloves Heat Resistant Reusable by SAUM for Cleaning | Kitchen | Car | Bathroom | Pet | Latex Free | Multi Colour About Product : ❤ It takes only a few steps to complete the perfect wash. ❤ When washing dishes, you only need to do some effective action can greatly save your time: 1. First, remove food debris from the dishes before cleaning. 2.If the pots and dishes are encrusted, soak them in hot water for a few minutes. 3.Lavali in still water and then rinse under running water. 4.Dose the detergent in the washing water because in this way it melts well and reaches all the dishes. 5.See first the clean dishes and then the dirty ones. 6. Always use gloves to wash dishes not only for a hygienic question, but especially for a health issue. (Long-term immersion of hands underwater, contact with detergent and other substances, can cause premature aging and disease.) Despite these suggestions, if there is still food residue remaining in the dishes, pots, pans or griddle, then you can always use the classic sponge with the back abrasive or metal scouring pad. Size: ➤ 32L x 15.5B x 4H CM Color: ➤Pink, Green, Blue (colour of product depends on stock Availability) Package Includes: ➤1 Pair of Multipurpose Silicone Washing Gloves for Both Hands

[MULTIFUNCTIONAL AND CONVENIENT] – This Dishwashing Gloves gloves are super magical that can be used and reused thousands of times, in the kitchen to wash dishes, fruits, vegetables in an easy and fun way! In the home, on the other hand, you can clean the bathroom, the tiles, the bedroom, remove dust from the closet, wash the cars, etc. It is also a practical tool to take care of pet hair (Dogs and Cats).
[HEAT RESISTANT ] – Magic gloves work well at both low and high temperatures (⚠ from -40 ° C to 260 ° C). So they can be used in any situation, such as oven gloves, microwaves (2min), BBQs, in the workshop etc …
You can also use this gloves as wet and Dry cleaning gloves for Both Purpose..
Mostly uses as Dishwashing , Kitchen Utensil and Pet Grooming…

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