Optimum Educator Educational DVD’s Std 7 MH Board Mathematics -Digital Guide Perfect Gift for School Students – Easy Video Learning- Fun with Maths

Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 799.00
(as of Mar 02,2020 04:28:24 UTC – Details)


Visuals tend to be more interesting and engaging, when compared to text. Videos are mostly very demonstration-friendly. Educational DVD’s gives students clear concept clarity, as everything can be visualized and explained in detail. DVD’s acts as a flexible teaching medium. The more interested and engaged students are and the more interactive each learning session is, the more students will enjoy learning and retain information from the lesson.

Videos provide the option to stop each video and challenge students to predict the outcome of a demonstration, and elaborate on, or debate a point. You also have the option to rewind a section of the video to review a segment to ensure that children understand key concepts. You can ensure to add further interactivity by copying activities, conducting discussions or repeating demonstrations and experiments in your classroom.

✦ Educational DVD’s include 27 hours of the detailed explanation from the Maharashtra board textbook.
✦ Taught by IITians, Engineers and Expert Faculty
✦ Full syllabus is explained in detail with smart study pattern

Concepts & Sums taught in detail from the text books, easy and Extensive teaching
Smart study pattern Learn at your own pace
Concept Building, helps you understand and learn better, All Chapters and Concepts covered
All sums solved from the text book

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