LetsShave Evior 6 Body Hair Removal Razor for Women (1 Razor Handle, 1 Blade Cartridge, 1 Blade Case)

Price: ₹ 399.00
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Product Description

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LetsShave Soft Touch 6 is a hair removal razor specially designed for a Woman’s body. It has 6 sharp body-hugging blades with a moisturising band containing Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Lavender Extract that moisturises, soothes and help reveal younger looking skin.

Brush finger brings hair up to shave closely
Flexible head follows your natural body line for soft and comfortable shaving without any nicks and cuts
Wider head of blades removes maximum hair in just one stroke
Ergonomic shape of the handle helps you control your shave in the shower
Skin feels Soft and Comfortable after shaving

Our razor blades are designed and engineered by Dorco at its State-of-the-art manufacturing facility in South Korea.

Features & Description

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brush finger

moisturising band

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Bendable Cartridge

6 Sharp Blades follow
your natural body line for Smooth & Comfortable shaving .

Brush Finger

For Body Massage and bringing
hair up to shave closely with less possibility of ingrown hair.

Moistuirising Band

Moisturising capsule band containing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender Extract for even sensitive skin to feel Soft and Comfortable after shaving.

Designed for Maximum Flexibility

Blades are designed with Pivoting head that contours to a woman’s body curves for a comfortable shave without any nicks & cuts.

Features & Description

Comfortable grip

Wider & Flexible head

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LetsShave shave foam,coconut enriched shave foam

Comfortable Handle Grip

Non-Slip Grip of the Ergonomic handle allows comfortable shave against nicks & cuts in the shower.

Wider head

Wider head with 6 blades ensures to remove even more hair in just one stroke with an effortless glide.

Blade Case

The sleek, Portable case enclosure shields your blades to maintain safety and hygiene during the travel.

Super soft skin

LetsShave shaving foam has Moisturising Coconut oil & Cooling Menthol that offers superior moisture to fight after shave dryness, irritation, razor burns and redness.


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letsshave soft touch to shave bikini line

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Can be used to shave your Underarms

Can be used to shave your Legs

Can be used to shave Bikini line

Can be used to shave your Arms

letsshave soft touch 6 body hair removal

How to use?

1. Exfoliate- It helps in getting rid of dead skin cells making the skin softer and reducing the chance of ingrown hairs.

2. Take shower- Steam from a hot shower will open up the pores thus making it easier for the razor to do the job.

3. Apply Shave Foam and Shave- Apply shave foam and shave with the grain. It is a must to apply shaving foam and then shave against the grain.

4. Tip- Use short, even strokes without applying excessive stress. Make sure to shave in a single stroke by avoiding multiple strokes over the same area as it can lead to irritation. Shave carefully over bony areas like ankles, shins, and knees. For knees, bend a little. It is difficult to shave on the folded skin as it increases the chances of cuts.

5. Rinse and Moisturise- Rinse your legs with cool water as it closes the pores. Your legs will look cleaner and shinier. Moisturize your skin after you are done with shaving. It is very important. Use a good moisturizer with SPF contents in it.

LetsShave soft touch 6 body razor for women

Fits in your Purse

The Sleek and Practical design of the body razor with its travel cap is so tiny that you can take it with you anywhere, anytime.

Myth: Shaving causes hair to grow back Thicker & Darker.

Fact: Shaving cuts the hair from the surface of your skin, without affecting the actual follicle. Hair grows back at a blunt edge, so you may feel hair regrowth thicker, but that is not the case. Once the hair has fully grown back in, it will look and feel exactly the same as before.

BRUSH FINGERS: Brush fingers all around the 6 blades to gently massage your skin and lift the hair while you glide the Soft Touch 6 over your skin for an even close shave.
MOISTURIZING BAND: Moisturizing band on the top and bottom enriched with aloe Vera, chamomile and lavender oil to provide instant hydration to your skin and keep your skin from irritation.
NON SLIP HANDLE: The advanced handle ergonomically designed to provide you with the perfect grip enhancing your shaving experience and giving control, both in and outside the shower while you shave.
RAZOR TRAVEL CAP: Every Evior 6 Blade comes with the Travel Cap to protect it from any damage and making your razor ever ready to go with you for the travel.

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