Kent Grand+ Mineral RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier

Price: ₹ 20,000.00 - ₹ 16,100.00
(as of Mar 05,2020 01:50:23 UTC – Details)

Kent Grand + Mineral RO Water Purifier uses futuristic and state of the art technology to provide purer and healthier drinking water. Kent Grand + Mineral RO Water Purifier is a Reverse Osmosis membrane with capillaries as small as 0.0001 micrones that reduces even disolved impurities and convert hard water into sweet and pure drinking water. It also allows the users to control the TDS level of purified water.

9 L : More the capacity, more the users can be served with drinking water
RO + UV + UF + TDS : Uses many filters to remove salts & microbes in multiple stages
Peace of mind with 1 year warranty + 3 years free service*
High purification capacity of more than 20 L/hr helps in providing purified water at a faster rate

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