Impulse Climate Proof Mountain Rucksack/Hiking/Trekking/Camping Bag/Backpack 85 ltrs Rucksack with Rain Cover Thames (Navy Blue)

Price: ₹ 4,499.00 - ₹ 1,349.00
(as of Mar 03,2020 04:06:57 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Impulse Rucksacks cater the needs of travellers who commute fully prepared with the essentials when they head out on a long and adventurous journey. These Rucksacks are as enduring as you are and they can offer all the comfort that you need while travelling with travel gears and equipment. Its sportive design and robust quality make them an ideal travel partner that keeps you ready for the road. It features multiple pockets and huge storage capacity to leave nothing behind, from hikes to trekking and touring these rucksacks can go anywhere.

Sportive and Ever-ready Travel Gear

Pack smart, stay organized and be well prepared for anything on a journey with this highly practical and robust rucksack.

Built For Endurance

This spacious 85 Litre rucksack is an enduring travel companion that can accompany you anywhere on your touring, trekking, hiking etc. Made with super tough polyester fabric, this rucksack can withstand almost anything the journey throws at it. The base of the rucksack is robust as it is tailored with 900Denier (thickness) polyester with PU coating to withstand wear and tear due to usage.

Carry More

Practical design of this rucksack allows you to carry more. It comes with a large central compartment to store gear, clothes and larger essentials. An inverted shoe pocket, side mesh pockets and the front zipper pockets are all provided for extra storage space. Along with the compression straps, compress the load closer bringing the weight and bulk nearer your back for better weight balance.

Ergonomically Shaped Shoulder Straps

Equipped with ergonomically shaped S-shaped shoulder straps that fit like a glove, this rucksack is ideal for carrying comfort. The straps are padded and have soft edges that evenly distribute loads without forming any non-practical pressure points. The straps can be adjusted for different back lengths by the multi-stage variable adjustment system that makes this rucksack ideal for both men and women.

Sweat Less

The back panel of this rucksack has the ability to reduce sweating from the back of the wearer. It has special mesh that provides effective ventilation space between the rucksack and the wearer’s back by allowing free dispersion of moist air. Along with maintaining airflow, the back panel also provides cushioning.

Water Resistant

This is a high-quality water-resistant rucksack that can keep your stuff safe and dry in a drizzle or a mild downpour. The polyester fabric at the base is PU coated hence it can help water bead up and roll off when you accidently place the rucksack by the base on a wet surface

Auxiliary Parts


For added convenience in your travels this rucksack has several auxiliary components like the hood pocket, sternum strap and the hip belt. The sternum strap can help disperse the weight evenly. The hood pocket can hold a rain cover and the hip belt can transfer some of the weight to your hip and further ease the load.

★★★★★PRACTICAL SHOULDER STRAPS – The s-shaped shoulder straps are ergonomically designed with padded support and soft edges
★★★★★WARRANTY – 1 year manufacturer warranty valid for an year from the original date of purchase.
★★★★★FREE RAIN COVER / WATER RESISTANT – The rucksack can keep your stuff safe and dry in a drizzle or a mild downpour or against accidental spills and splashes.
★★★★★AUXILIARY PARTS- For added convenience, this rucksack comes with multiple auxiliary support systems. The hood zip pocket can hold a rain cover, the 2 side compression strap can make the bag compact and the hip belt can transfer some of the weight to your hip for ease of carrying. The main straps are designed in a way to hold your yoga mat with ease.

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