Gala Super Scrub Set – Made of Steel – Black – Pack of 6

Price: ₹ 210.00
(as of Mar 09,2020 13:34:03 UTC – Details)

Gala Super Scrub – Metallic Steel Sponge Set

This Super Scrub Set by Gala is highly effective. It has finely designed steel loops which clean with efficacy leaving your
kitchen and dishware sparkling clean. High quality metallic sponge absorbs more water and saves soap in comparison to sim-
iliar products ensuring good grip while cleaning. Super Scrub Sponges are sealed with Advanced Ultrasonic sealing technology
to ensure long lasting product durability.
Coarse metal mesh loops create a scouring effect to clean any rust or dried substances on a dish or on your tile floor – heavy duty and durable compared to any ordinary scrubbers or sponges available
Modern top commercial dishwashing and scrubbing with this reusable pad – that can be applied equally well to windows, a bathroom tub, shower, kitchen sink or toilet
Gala Iron Bull Scrub Sponge leaves your dishes spotlessly clean, no matter how dirty – with less effort than other products / Long lasting durable quality means no need for short term replacement
Items delivered: 6x Gala Super Scrub Metallic Steel Sponge Set / Stainless Steel Loop Mesh (Material) / Black / No Soap Included

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